Organic rice MD, is a rice that free of pesticides, dyes and other chemicals, so it is very safe and healthy consumption by children, adults, and the elderly. There are several types of Organic Rice MD such as black, red, brown and white. Organic rice has more benefits because of the structure of the soil. The fragrant is very nice and long-lasting storage.

New Packaging MD Organic Products

To improve product quality, and convenience of our customers, we enchant our organic product packaging, with a transparent display and a free air packing. so that Our products can last longer and easier for our customers to compare directly the quality of rice as well as our other products. Organic Rice MD new packaging with a better looks and better quality products.

International Food Festival

Organic Rice MD attend the International Food Festival event held at supermarkets Hero Living World, Tangerang. The event was also enlivened with a cooking demo by Chef Rahmat and fun MCs describes the usability and benefit of Organic Rice MD. The event took place at 14 to 26 February 2014.


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