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  • Black + White Rice

    Black + White Rice

    MD Organic Black + White Rice, is a mixture of two kinds, namely Black Rice Delicate Skin and ciherang white rice. Has all the same nutritional and fiber content as black cracked rice and white ciherang rice.

    However, it is intended for consumers who are not familiar with the taste and texture of black rice. MD Organic Black + White has high iron and all the goodness of black rice. So that the content contained in the rice, we can enjoy it in one bite, it can compensate for a little sugar content in white rice.

    In terms of color, after cooking the mixed black and white rice, it has a dominant black color compared to white rice. Meanwhile, in terms of texture, the black and white mix rice has a fluffier texture than consuming only black, cracked rice. Enjoy two benefits of rice in one bite.

    Rp 87.000