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Mushroom Stock

Rp 34.000

Quick Overview

  • Full of essential nutrients for the body.
  • Mushroom broth contains 9 types of essential amino acids that the body needs.
  • Preventing vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Helps reduce cholesterol.



MD Natural broth (chicken / beef / moringa / mushroom / shrimp / tuna) made with selected spices, non MSG, without preservatives and artificial coloring. From now on, let's use non-MSG broth, because flavoring broth that contains MSG is not good for health, especially for your little one. MSG or monosodium glutamate stands for is a flavoring usually added to food. Foods that contain MSG are certainly not healthy because they contain chemicals in them.

As for the side effects of consuming MSG: Headache, sweating, feeling of pressure on the face or tightness, numbness, tingling or burning sensation in the face, neck and other areas, fast heartbeat, chest pain and nausea.

Therefore, the only way to prevent reactions is to avoid foods that contain MSG and switch to natural broth MD. MD natural broth has 6 flavors, namely chicken broth, beef broth, mushroom broth, moringa broth, shrimp broth, tuna broth. Moringa broth and mushroom broth are also highly recommended for vegetarians.

Suitable for daily mother's cooking and for the little one.

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