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Brown Rice 5 Kg

Rp 168.000

Quick Overview

  • 80% of vitamin B1, vitamin B3 70%, 90% vitamin B6, 50% phosphorus (P), 60% of substance iron (Fe), 100% fiber and fatty acids essential.
  • Fulfill the 50% requirement of manganese (Mn) per day.
  • Fulfill the 21% requirement of Magnesium (Mg) and Calcium (Ca).
  • 14% meet their daily fiber needs.
  • Contains selenium for mineral anti-oxidants.
  • Essential fatty acids can lower cholesterol.
  • Contains fiber, Mg and vitamin B.



MD Organic Brown Rice, or commonly called bran rice, is rice that comes from fragrant white pandan call brown rice. The color is indeed brown, the aroma and taste are very distinctive, at first glance similar to sticky rice. So you can say it has a slightly nutty taste and is chewier than white rice. In terms of texture brown rice has a heavier texture than white rice but is richer in fiber which is good for digestion and causes a longer full effect.

Even though it spoils faster, but brown rice is more nutritious. We highly recommend MD Organic Brown Rice for diabetics, because brown rice or brown rice has less sugar content than white or brown rice. When consuming brown rice does not affect blood sugar levels so it is safe for consumption by diabetics.

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